Give inmates the help they need to navigate a job search and retain employment.



Inmates need reliable up to date information that will help them navigate the hurdles that await them.

Getting a job with a record has never been harder. Inmates need to know the marks they need to hit to stand a chance in today’s competitive job market. What are employers who consider hiring someone with a record looking for? How do you disclose your conviction in an interview? How do you explain the government incentives and who qualifies for them? And, what traps do inmates need to avoid that have caused so many of them to fail? These are the questions that are answered and the instructions provided in the best-seller TEMPORARILY OUT OF PRINT From Prison to Paycheck: What No one Ever Tells You About Getting a Job. 



Getting the job is only half the battle— then comes keeping it.

Getting a job without knowing what it takes to keep it is a waste of everyone’s time. Inmates need to learn sooner rather than later how to handle conflicts on the job when they arise. They need to understand the importance of fitting in with their work family, getting along with co-workers, and having a work ethic that keeps the boss happy. Then there’s managing finances responsibly, getting by on a tight budget, learning how to save, and not making things harder than they need to be. These are just a few of the lessons taught in the 240 minute video program Successful Employment and Lawful Living.