Ready to have employees perform better?  We’re here to make sure that happens.



Employees driving you crazy? Do something about it.

When basic work ethic is lacking it’s difficult to depend on results that are consistent and top notch. By giving your people the fundamentals they lack you can get more out of them overall.


Tired of being the referee? Get out of the ring.

Stop solving one conflict at a time. It’s time consuming, which means it costs you money. Employees who don’t have conflict management skills will always need someone to help them settle their disputes. With proper training they’ll have the tools to handle whatever lies ahead so that everyone can be more productive.


How much extra are your employees costing you?

When employees with skill deficits have customer contact without proper and intensive training the results can be costly. Why gamble with the success of your business unnecessarily? Provide them with intensive training and remove any excuses for poor performance.


Whether it’s an on site training for your people on the topics most important to you, or training materials customized to address your most critical issues you’ll be amazed at how we can help.


“In the ‘Work Readiness’ workshops that Pam Hogan conducted at the Work2future One-Stop in San Jose, she developed a great rapport with our clients, effortlessly teaching them essential and important life skills with tremendous patience and a great sense of humor. She brings a unique sensibility, practicality and a dose of ‘reality’ to her work with ’at-risk’ populations. I highly recommend her workshops for any audience – clients, workforce staff, partners – because I believe that any one can can benefit from her down-to-earth lessons.” —Sabby K., Employment Training Specialist


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