Don’t go it alone. Get the help you need to help clients with a criminal record.

Whether on parole, on probation, or formerly incarcerated, job seekers with a criminal record have special needs.

When it comes to helping job seekers with a record you should feel confident in your knowledge base rather than overwhelmed with more questions than answers. Understanding the record cleaning remedies available to your client, knowing whether the WOTC or the Federal Bonding program is appropriate, being able to coach your clients on how to disclose their conviction in the interview and on the job application are all essential basics. To help you navigate this arena with ease is the Desk Reference for Assisting Formerly Incarcerated Job Seekers.

Getting the job is half the battle— job retention is the other half.

Job retention cannot be ignored when helping individuals who have not been a part of the legitimate workforce for one reason or another, entry level workers, individuals transitioning from welfare to work, or veterans with special needs. Lacking the tools to retain a job, or not grasping the damage done by job jumping needs to be addressed. When you don’t have the time to train clients on job retention provide them with a no nonsense video training program on the topic.

Make sure staff and clients get the live training they need.

When the best solution is an on-site training be sure to receive the customized workshop you need. Whether the right approach is to train the trainer or staff in techniques they can use again and again or you prefer to provide clients with classroom instruction the option is yours. (More Info)